Thursday, December 3, 2009

Money is not everything!!

We life..we need money to survive..

We buy food using money...we buy clothes using money..etc..
but true love u cant buy with money..

well, there's a lot ppl out there dat love sum1 bcuz of money...
but hey!!..think bout this..will it last?? way~..
sumwhere will end up..
well if there's any couple dat survive till their end of live loving their partner cuz of money..
well...i'll sy congrats to ya..

the reason im writing is bcuz of the job promotion dat i received couple of weeks ago i guess..
well...i think i did the right thing by not accepting the job offer..

Juz as i thought...i wasnt being offered the post because of my capibility..but its bcuz the MD son fallen for might sounded like im PERASAN or sumtin..but it's up to you all to judge it..

How I only wish that guys out there please do not think that every girl is the same..
im not the type that chasing for money ok...i still healthy..i can do lots of things to get money..
but please do not use money to attract me to get closed to you..u r so wrong if u think dat u can get me by that way..

I was happy then to reject the job offer after the son of the MD tries to flirt with me on the that moment...I know that things are not right here..
Thanks to God for showing me truth..

But my happiness doesnt stay long..till i told a fren that i loved that im rejecting the offer bcuz of the flirt call..
n what he reply was..."ok per...sana masyukkk"
Im like watdehel?? (=.=)...i have to admit im a bit pissed with you...
why cant u juz understand what im thinking bout this...

well...i wish u noe that im hurt a lil bit inside...


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