Thursday, November 26, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha and LABUAN..


its raya day..
yess...if dulu..time2 mcm ni...lemang..rendang ketupat..
sume ada dpn mata...
tp this year..sume tu i cant get it..parents tade kat sini..sob3 :'(

yess...its a borink raya for me..
raya Aidilf3 pun sorang3...
raya haji pun sensorang..adoyai..

so wat am i goin to do for the rest of the holiday??..
ntah r..tido je kut...:P
but if ada yg nk kuar...mmg i akan follow r...
I've been sitting in front of my laptop doin nothin but songs n etc..

but anyway...there's a thing that quite bothering my mind now..
its bcuz of the offer to work in Labuan..
usually ramai yg dh tersengih sampai telinga sbb dpt naik pangkat..but its diff in my case..
sbb this post is appoint by the son of the MD...hurmm...ntah la..
there's a lot of thing that I have to consider b4 accepting this offer..

so to all..selamat hari raya aidiladha..
kalo makan rendang tuh..igt2 la kat i yg keseorangan nih...hahaha

now i nk layan any clip kat youtube for the rest of the day..

happy raya n happy holiday ppl...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Are The Champion My fren!!~~~

We are the champion.,,my frenn..
and we keep on fighting till the end~~..

Master Football 2009..
happened on 22 November 2009 at Bukit Jalil...
It was an AWESOME event...

Well as as a MANCHESTER UNITED fans!!...def im going to this wonderful event that def i dont want to miss it :)

I arrived at Bukit Jalil Stadium at 12.30pm by LRT..(ofkos la LRT...kete tade lagi)
met my mymanutd forum members asyraf there..
Pegi lunch at the nearby foodcourt..then at 1pm..
our forum moderator Sir.Pisco arrived..hehe..time to hias2 booth..hehe
Ppl start to arrived around 2...n i must admit..that there is a lot..i mean really a lots of LIVERFOOLS fans..adehhhh..wateva~~

Yg penting...dpt jumpa dgn ANDY COLE..yess..the legend of MU..hehe..
this year..ada 4 team yg dtg...Sheffield Utd...EPL All Stars...LIVERFOOLS :P
and of course..yg paling penting!!..MANCHESTER UNITED :))

Manchester United Player

EPL All Stars

Sheffield United
Once my fren sampai jek which is fa.nadya :* ( luv u bebeh!!)
kitorang hias2 booth..then apa lagi..time to go merayau..hahah
pegi cat2 muka...minum starbucks..makan pizza..n apa lagi ek??..haha..
then around 3.30pm...the legend's the time to bergambar...signature..wohoo!!..
Taught leh la bergambar ngan kanchelkis..but unfortunately...dier tak dtg,,,but ok jgk la dpt jumpa Cole n Jasper Bromqvist :)
The picture below tells evrything..haha...
Other than taking picture n stuff..
I terasa mcm star jap..cuz..kitorang masuk paper The Star...kene interview ngan MUTV..
n time game live on TV...muka besar kut siap fokus masuk TV..hahah..
Glamer gak la dat day..bwahahaha..

Fa, Jasper Bromqvist and me

Me with Clownnie

MyManUtd Booth

Me With Fa

Me With MU car baybeh!!..

Campur2 pic..hahaha
Game result??
Final was between LiverFools n Man Utd..
i have to admit..mmg berpeluh gak r tgk game nih..
first was a tide 2-2
then full time was tide again 3-3
very stressful ended up penalty of course..
But in the end..We WON!!
5-4 over penalty..wuhuuu!!..
but I must was worth it..
Next year..def..i wont miss it again...n hope MU could win again the EPL Master title next year..haha
p/s : thanks to the person yg kantoi ada copy of marketing exam paper..if it wasnt for him..mmg i tak dpt pegi this event..hehee
so until ni saje i rasa nk blog for this time..for others..tggu la sampai sifat rajin nk update ni dtg..haha

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hellooo Malayyssiiaaa!!

been thinking lately apa yg i nk post at here..
so i came up with writing up regards the concert that i went recently...The All American Rejects was on 31st Oct...yeah n its was on we can see few ppl wearing costume walking around in Bukit Jalil..haha..
I've been lining up n sunbath under the blazing hot sun for like 6hrs i guess??..Got tanned ( i mean really tanned..haha)..but it was worth it..
But ended up with backpain...numb legs.....well here are some of the pics of the concert..enjoyyy..

p/s : Tyson really rawks!!..yeaaahh!!!..
gtg...catch ya guys later...weee~~

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Introduction to the owner of this silly blog..

hey u ols..hehe

the name is ameillya fellirina..u can call me amy jek..

lahir di KL,asal mmg KL ( takdak kg..huhu)

umur 19 ( time post ni ditulis la..)

single..(time mende ni ditulis gak r..hehe)

how i describe myself..hurmmm

talkative..funny..happy go lucky...kadang2 sewel sket..

romantic(auww :P) n other things..u guys la describe..hehe

k la..anything else..kita update later..

nk ke toilet jap..dri tadi pewot memulas..

ntah sape letak julap dlm makanan i nih..haha

choww chinn choww..